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The Lady's Man 01-31: Distraction

The Lady's Man 01-31: Distraction


The Lady's Man

Ashel is a stoic young military man, exiled from his home planet, who becomes the manservant and bodyguard of Milady, a sexy, eccentric, larger-than-life noblewoman. She's going to drag him willy-nilly across the galaxy, teaching him how to enjoy life in high style. The fact that Her Ladyship is an agent of a secret conspiracy to halt the oncoming fall of a galactic empire will only make this process more interesting. A lighthearted space opera adventure strip with furry/anthro characters, occasionally dealing with mature themes.


Watch This Space

A series of personal setbacks have kept me from continuing this comic for a while. I hope to be able regroup and try again sometime in the next few months. I want to thank everyone who watches and enjoys my work, and assure you that I'm not done yet. Keep an eye out...

Posted by Slickpuppy @ January 14th, 2017, 8:30 am
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*sigh* I'm afraid life has been a bit rough on me lately. Due to a series of complications, including an unexpected hospital stay and extra hours at my day job, I'll have to put the strip on hold for two weeks. I have commissions and other projects I need to finish before Anthrocon, and they have to take priority of my compromised time. Last week's strip from Patreon will go up at Smackjeeves on Friday, then The Lady's Man will be back on Patreon on July 8th, and on Smackjeeves a week thereafter. So be there, enjoy, and if you feel like it, head over to to maybe throw me a few bucks for advance strips and bonus art. Thanks very much for being kind and being interested!

Posted by Slickpuppy @ June 19th, 2016, 5:07 pm
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